Are you obess or Overweight? Find out the difference and see what to do.

Are you obess or Overweight? Find out the difference and see what to do.


Losing weight is not a bad idea. But doing it the right way is very important.

Most people who want to lose weight end up gaining it again with even worse conditions.

My first concern is, why do you want to lose weight?

Are you on a ‘diet’, or do you plan starting soon? Have you thought of its impact and how you can get the best of it?

I want us to take it step by step and help you achieve your weight loss goal in a healthy way.

Weight management requires that you either want to slim down because you are overweight, obese or you want to maintain your current body weight.

In which category do you find yourself?

There some key things you need to know about weight loss before you set out to embark on a plan. If you are already on a weight loss plan, reminding yourself of this key points is important.

Look at a few things that can help you;

  1. Obesity

Obesity occurs when a person carries excess weight or body fat. Being obese is different from being Overweight. Overweight is having a body mass index (BMI) between 25 -29.9. Obesity is having a BMI which is 30 or more. Body mass Index is simply a value derived from the weight of a person’s body over the square of height of their body (kg/m2). Having a body mass index between 18.5 -24.9 means you have a normal weight.

This knowledge is critical in one’s plan to lose weight. It’s very common to find people measuring their body weight by looking into the mirror. This sounds familiar right?.

Well, sometimes your guess maybe right, but the best thing to do is to check your weight using appropriate tools like a body weighing scale. This can help you know your body weight accurately.

  1. Obesity and Health

Researched has revealed that obese people are prone to many health complications like high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, diabetes etc. Check out our Daliha Tea with ginger if you want to control your blood sugar.

Recent studies revealed that corona virus can cause very severe symptoms among people with obese related conditions. Consult your physician for more information on this.

Studies have also shown that overeating and physical inactivity are the main causes of having an abnormal body weight (25 and above).

If you fall within this category of being overweight or obese then you have a good reason to trim off some pounds.

  1. Time and Effort

Losing weight requires time and effort. It took your body a long time to gain weight. Hence losing it would equally require time. Being committed to a healthy diet routine is essential.

Having a healthy or normal weight requires eating less foods especially high calorie foods like fried potatoes, sugar sweetened beverages. But most importantly this habit should be consistent. Remember that how soon you lose weight also depends on your current weight and goals.

  1. Go For Better Formulas

Any weight loss plan that seeks to give you a quick solution irrespective of eating in moderation and regular physical exercise has been processed with chemicals. They may not tell you it contains it. You have a high chance of gaining your weight again in the long term if you follow some of these plans

The truth is your weight loss plan will be ineffective without eating less of certain foods and regular exercise. Most slim teas has unfortunately thrown some people to think drinking a Slim tea is all you need to lose weight.

Well, it’s because some brands have processed quick formulas. These come with side effects in the long term. Kindly watch out.

A good brand of Slim Tea that can also enhance your endurance during exercise among many others makes the difference. Because by drinking it you have sustained energy when you exercise.

  1. Dieting

A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. Dieting is the process of restricting oneself to small amounts nutrient rich balanced meals and avoiding bad eating habits to lose weight.

Some people diet by avoiding certain foods completely and this can be dangerous to the health in the long term. Moderation or portion control are two key words you need to always keep in your weight loss dictionary.

  1. Avoid Stress

Stress conditions can have a negative effect if not managed properly.

Studies show that stress can make people overeat as a way of easing the pain of their personal problems. It could be emotional or psychological. This is related to the fact that stress can activate hunger hormones. This can make a person eat unhealthy foods. Sometimes that extra calories or dose of alcohol can be a serious culprit.

Being at peace with your body looks can contribute to your overall confidence in achieving your daily goals. Keeping your body fit is good. Above all keeping a positive mindset about who yourself is very vital. Don’t let anyone mock you because of how your body looks. Don’t be discouraged if the Slim Tea you are using is not working. Subscribe to our Daliha Slim Tea. It has proven results.

Remember to stay motivated to achieve your weight loss goal based on your own accurate observations.

Your body is a house for your spirit. Keep it well because you have only one body.

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Be positive Minded

Stay physically active

Eat in moderation