Yooza Kara (Container) - Handwoven Bolga Basket

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Bolga baskets are a unique and beautiful product made by local community women in Northern Ghana. These hand-crafted biodegradable, eco-friendly baskets are made from woven grass, straw, and dye, and feature intricate designs and vibrant colors. 

The baskets are not only aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly, but they are also functional. They are perfect for carrying items, storing items, and display purposes. For example, you could use a Bolga basket to store your favorite clothes, or you could use it to bring along the food you’re preparing for a picnic. You can also use them to hold and display items such as fruit or flowers. 

The unique craftsmanship of the baskets is something that should be admired. The way the women weave the grass, straw, and dye together is truly remarkable. Each basket is unique, and no two are exactly alike. They are a symbol of the hard work and skill of the women in Northern Ghana. 

Whether for individual or organizational use, we encourage you to buy these Bolga baskets from Jowato.com, the leading online marketplace in Ghana for small household producers. Jowato.com provides a safe and secure platform for individuals and organizations to purchase these baskets directly from women producers in Northern Ghana. Not only does this help improve the lives of these local women and their families, but it also helps to preserve the traditional craftsmanship of the Bolga baskets. 

Jowato.com also provides a wide variety of these baskets to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a small basket for personal use or a larger basket for display purposes, there is something for everyone. Products on Jowato.com are not overpriced, it is the only platform authenticity meets the best pricing when it comes to African indigenous products.  Our partnership with DHL gives you very reasonable delivery charges to Europe, America, Asia, and other parts of the world, so you can be sure to find a basket that fits your budget. 

Place an order now on Jowato.com, or reach us at

+233 54 999 5 111 to discuss your needs and concerns. 

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